Shiitake Mushroom Process
We can design for your requests. The followings are the sample of scale.

Here's how we direct Shiitake mushroom growing.

Large house:
Floor space 250u
33 racks
About 12,670 seeds
Small house:
Floor space 82.8u
7 racks
About 4,030 seed
Middle house:
Floor space 165.6m2
21 racks
About 8,060 seeds
Production process of Shiitake mushroom     
1. Stiring raw materials   2. Filling & Shaping   3. High pressure sterilization    4. Air-conditioning system
5. Inoculation   6. Control Box   7. Mushroom Cultivation   8. They grow like this
9.Water immersion 10. Harvest   11. Packing   12. ready for sell!
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