Our Mushroom Houses are all over in Japan and also in Overseas!
Let's Grow Mushrooms  with Assist Japan!!
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Our history begins with growth of Shiitake mushrooms in Shiraoi-cho, Hookaido, Northern part of Japan. With our longtime experience and expertise, we have been the leading greenhouse manufacturing company in Japan.
We offer our original inoculums and special mushroom cultivation Know-how uniquely lined with our years of experience and knowledge. In addition, wehave spent a long time and developed the house that grows high quality mushrooms continuously at a stable rate and comes with high operational efficiency. The house can sustain against extreme weather conditions such as very strong wind and heavy snow accumulation. Not only for mushroom growth, it also can convert for a cattle shed, compost building, the warehouse as "all weather OK" and "multipurposed" Shiraoi House.

Our company is based in Utsunomiya, Tochigi 100km north of Tokyo but our customers and our Shiraoi House are everywhere in Japan. We also handle not only Japanese products, but also Overseas'. Please check out our site carefully.
We work hard day by day to provide high quality yet reasonable products for your satisfaction with agriculture. Our motto is to satisfy you by our best efforts. We believe it is important to stand in your place and see things from where you are. Moreover, we propose a plan from a step or two ahead. We would feel proud and happy when you said "It was great getting to know you".

Population ageing is coming up nowadays and occurring a labor shortage problem. Our efficiency of agricultural plan will surely ASSIST your management.
 Representative director
 Yoshiharu Hirano